The Science

Let's get straight into the science... but if you prefer a quick walk-through, there's a few short videos below!

Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasonic waves emanate from the Ultrasonic setting of the Jiggles Body Sculpter, which cause the mechanical destruction of fat cell membranes. The cell content (triglycerides) of the areas you target then seep into the interstitial fluid.

These are subsequently broken down by the body into glycerol and free fatty acids, the latter of which bind to water soluble globular proteins (albumin) and are transported to the liver for excretion. The remaining glycerol is then passed through interstitial and systemic fluids and then sent to the liver (for excretion) or to other cells where it is used as an energy source.


Aim for 8-12 sessions (please see FAQs for more info) and bear in mind that DIY saves you a lot of money!



Red Light Therapy

Cellulite and saggy skin are primarily caused by a loss of collagen, elasticity and excess fat. Collagen loss begins around the age of 25.

Mitochondria within cells produce cell energy known as ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) which is formed from oxygen and glucose. A lack of oxygen around areas of the body suffering from depletion can prompt loss of sensation as a result of a lack of oxygen nutrition for surrounding nerves. This lack of oxygen also caused blood vessels to narrow which can lead to a variety of skin complaints such as cellulite.


Infrared light energy stimulates the release of nitric oxide from haemoglobin into the blood stream. This then enters the muscle cells through walls in the blood vessels causing the muscle cells to relax as the blood vessels diameter widen, allowing more blood to flow. Tissue regeneration requires oxygen, nutrients, ATP and growth factors; while Infrared light is able to penetrate the subcutaneous layer of the skin (20-100mm) it is most effective for skin rejuvenation.




Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS dates back thousands of years, as far back as the Egyptians who used electric fish to treat pain via muscle stimulation.


Electrical signals are already sent to muscles from the brain to prompt them to contract and relax anyway, but by artificially inducing muscular contractions, soreness and tightness (particularly after workouts) is reduced allowing for faster recovery times, and consequently a more rapid toning of target muscle groups. For people recovering from long-term injuries, EMS strengthens the cognitive link between the brain and movements while also increasing blood flow, removing waste and lactic acid to aid recovery.